Association of Businesswomen and Top Managers in Brasov (AFAFCI)

Eastern Europe

Brasov, Romania - AFAFCI aims to become one of the main representatives of the local business community, as well as an important regional and national advocacy organization for women. It seeks to help women-owned businesses become partners with each other and to form public-private partnerships to benefit its region and Romania.

We're looking for know-how to:

  • Networking
  • Event organizing
  • Advocacy
  • Best practices exchange with other NGOs

Our members need:

  • Continuity in their activities in the context of the economic crisis
  • Access to foreign investment

Mission statement:

AFAFCI brings together, supports, and promotes businesswomen and women managers in order to build partnerships, and exchange resources and good practices.

Established: 2004
Chief Executive: Mrs. Delia Cojocaru, Executive Director


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Major activities:

  • Access to information pertaining to the business environment
  • Improving the members’ entrepreneurial activity
  • Improving organizational image
  • Save the Trees (paper recycling initiative)
  • Virtual Enterprises (partnership with the National Economic College)
  • The beauty of business (partnership with AIESEC Brasov)

Major achievements:

  • Advocacy
    • Founding member of the Coalition of Women Business Associations in Romania (CAFA)
  • Membership growth
    • 2008: 34
    • 2009: 38
    • 2010: 39

Income sources (2010):

  • Membership dues: 99%
  • Non-dues income: 1%
    • Project funds: 0%
    • Other local (rentable assets): 0%
  • Home government funding: 0%

3-5 year outlook:

  • Build partnerships with local universities in order to provide internship opportunities for students in members’ companies
  • Strengthen performance of AFAFCI member companies after a difficult period

Organization wish list:

  • Partnerships between members
  • Networking
  • Continuing business activity in the context of the economic crisis
  • Getting access to European Funds
  • Reducing excessive State-practiced fiscal measures