Learn how KnowHow works

Are you a company or individual looking to share your know-how?

1. Learn How It Works 2. Find Your Match 3. Propose a Venture

1. KnowHow works with associations that have completed CIPE’s due diligence process, including a financial review.

Why associations?
Rather than helping a single entrepreneur or other professional at a time, helping an association means multiplying the effect of any single intervention across an entire membership. Associations develop members’ skills, facilitate networking with and among members, represent members’ interests to policymakers and other stakeholders and provide other services or outlets for members as well as their communities. They form backbone organizations for collective action to tackle problems that cannot be addressed on an individual basis.

2. Individuals or companies find one or more associations(s) seeking the particular know-how they have to offer.

What know-how are associations seeking?
Governance, financial management, organizational management, marketing, communications, event planning, human resources and IT/web support are all as crucial for associations as they are for businesses. Associations in low- and even middle- income countries have some of that know-how available locally, but the most effective associations are always thirsty to expand their capacity and build on what they already have. For a full description of all of the skill sets we're hoping you might be able to share, see our definition of needs page.

3. For accepted proposals, KnowHow will coordinate project management, communications, and project evaluation.

Why voluntary technical assistance?
The organizations listed on KnowHow strive to be locally sustainable. Technical assistance helps organizations become more valuable to their members, to whom such organizations should be accountable. KnowHow taps into the growing number of employees of corporations and other organizations around the world who are willing and encouraged to share their skills and knowledge.

Are you an association?

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1. Any association in a developing country may fill out an initial application.

Any association?
KnowHow prefers chambers of commerce, business associations, farmers' associations, merchants' associations, manufacturers' associations, industrial associations, professional associations, savings groups, or microfinance groups. Any other formally registered association that as part of its mission or programs strengthens private sector activity is eligible to apply. Such programs could include entrepreneurship training, financial or basic business literacy training, business networking or trade fairs, facilitating access to capital, policy advocacy to improve the enabling environment for small business, and other activities that support and expand economic opportunity.

2. After reviewing initial applications, KnowHow will send its diagnostic assessment to those that show promise as active, engaged, high-impact organizations.

What counts as active, engaged, and high-impact?
What has your association learned over the past three years, and how has it changed due to lessons learned? How has your association grown since it first started, not just in terms of members but in terms of what it can do for those members or for its community? If you can answer these questions easily, chances are your association is a good candidate for KnowHow. Since we are matching your association with voluntary technical assistance, you must already have some evidence that you are interested in learning as an organization.

3. Approved associations are encouraged to submit news items to KnowHow.

What kind of news items? What's in it for our association?
Volunteers are looking for an exciting organization with whom to share their know-how. News could be details of your recent board meeting or membership meeting, a successful event with the community that got coverage in local media, some new research you've gathered demonstrating the importance or dynamism of your membership, or a new law you helped pass that improves infrastructure or the business environment. Last but not least, if you are currently undergoing a project with a KnowHow volunteer, any new developments are incredibly helpful for potential volunteers and applicants. The more news you have, the more exciting your association's page will be and the more frequently you will appear on the frontpage of KnowHow.