Georgian Small and Medium Enterprises Association


Tbilisi, Georgia - GSMEA is an advocacy organization that works to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through policy and administrative reforms. GSMEA is an important resource for both SMEs and business persons in Georgia, providing consultancy, trainings and seminars for member and non-member firms on management, taxation, financial, and technical issues. It aims to identify common interests of private businesses and advocate for a better regulatory climate and increased market competitiveness.

We're looking for know-how to:

  • Recruit membership
  • Streamline organizational structure
  • Fundraise
  • Conduct advocacy trainings
  • Develop communications
  • Manage projects

Our members need:

  • Local regulations affecting SMEs
  • Capacity building trainings
  • Financial consultancy
  • Transparent policy information
  • Business opportunities

Mission statement:

The Mission of the Association is to advocate common interests of the business community, aiming to improve business environment and increase competitiveness and productivity of Georgia's private sector. 

Established: 2010
Chief Executive: Kakha Kokhreidze, President

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Major activities:

  • Advocacy programs
  • Capacity building trainings
  • Policy research
  • Meetings and roundtables

Major achievements:

  • Membership growth
    • 2011: 82

3-5 year outlook:

  • Develop GSMEA in other regions to represent the voice of rural businesses.
  • Improve programming to serve youth and women members.
  • Develop media direction, including a web portal for business news, magazines, radio talk shows, etc.
  • Increase organizational capacity to become a primary counterpart for government institutions.

Organization wish list:

  • Regular business magazine
  • Women empowerment and youth programs
  • Alternative forms of public dialogue