Association of Greek Women Entrepreneurs (S.E.G.E.)

Eastern Europe

Thessaloniki, Greece - S.E.G.E. aims to promote the potential of women entrepreneurs. To our organization, success means participation from our members, recognition from our government, as well as increased membership. Our organization aims to count more than 1000 members, to create three branch offices, and to establish international networks.

We're looking for know-how to:

  • Strengthen our budget
  • Offer consultancy services
  • Solve secretarial issues
  • Develop personal consultancy services

Our members need:

  • Networking
  • Training programs to develop businesses
  • Mentoring 

Mission statement:

S.E.G.E. aims to promote the potential of women entrepreneurs.
Established: 1997
Chief Executive: Despina Triakosari, President

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Major activities:

  • B2B in Italy with 50 members
  • Training programs for 100 entrepreneurs and 300 employees of women entrepreneurs
  • Developing coaching and mentoring programs 

Major achievements:

  • Membership: 650 members

3-5 year outlook:

  • Gain more than 1000 members
  • Create 3 branch offices
  • Establish international networks

Organization wish list:

  • More income
  • Branch offices throughout Greece
  • Paid personnel